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Dr. Eve Shen, Chief consultant at Eden Herbs Clinic

Dr. Eve Shen graduated from Shanghai Medical University (SMU) with an honors’ degree after 6 years of study.  Then she was employed by Shanghai Xin Hua Hospital, which is the largest hospital in Shanghai.  She came to the UK in 1993 and has worked as a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner since then.

Dr. Shen has been admitted as a full member of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine UK (ATCM) and is a qualified practitioner of Traditional` Chinese Medicine including Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.


Eden Herbs Clinic is approved by Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council. All the herbal products sold in Eden Herbs Clinic are regulated by the British Acupuncture Council and ATCM. 



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·        Before treatment: No Periods for 1 year.

After treatment: I attended Dr. Eve Clinic in June 2018. Dr. Eve gave me acupuncture/massage and herbal medication to unblock my women’s system. After six weeks of acupuncture I finally had a period after one year. 7 months later I am excited to say I am now pregnant! I am truly grateful to Dr. Eve and her family for the amazing work they do! I will continue to get acupuncture through my pregnancy and look forward to being a mummy. Thank you. (J78, age 32, 23/01/2020)






·        Before treatment: Chronic sinusitis, low back pain, strained right ancle, problems sleeping, severe hayfever (10 years plus). Eve recommended a program of acupuncture, deep-tissue massage and combines with Chinese herbal medicines. She also made me realize how ill I had been and told me how important it was to relax and look after myself. Something I had always struggled to do. She has made me give myself permission to do this and it is really works.

Dr. Eve is an amazing lady who treats the whole person. Although I went to see her for being unable to breathe properly due to chronic sinus problems and severe hayfever she picked up my back problem and so much more. She gave me no nonsense advice which is just what I needed. This included diet and lifestyle changes. David did a fantastic job with his deep tissue massage making my back, which has troubled me for years, so much better. My sinuses are clear which have been for many years and even in high pollen season my hayfever is virtually gone. My sleeping is also much improved. In all, Eve’s care and kindness left me feeling like a new person needs to embrace life after many years of extreme stress. Thank you lovely lady.( M249, age 55, 11.8.2019)


·        Before treatment: Insomnia since October 2017. Treatment started April, finished August.

After treatment: After a very thorough consultation and examination I was offered a course of treatment of massage and acupuncture which in itself an absolute pleasure, relaxing and indulgent. Alongside the physical treatment came a course of herbal tablets which meant that together with the lifestyle recommendations. I am now able to sleep through the night having not slept since October. Both Dr. Eve and Dr. Sue adapted each massage and each session according to how my week had been and how I was feeling and coming to the clinic is always a delight. So much so that I am now attending out of choice rather than necessity.

Having faith, do as you are told and this will work! (D111, age 41, Sept. 2018).


·        Before treatment: Severe worn cartdrege in right knee,

After treatment: After knee replacement in Oct. 2018, tablets provided by Dr. Eve taken on the day of surgery and for 3 weeks. There was a marked improvement over my left knee which was replaced in February 2018, far less swelling and great mobility observed. (R45, age 62, 29 Oct. 2018)


·        Before treatment: Constant abdominal pains on the right side, waken up by the pains at night, every night for 3 years. Always tired, vomiting constantly. G.P. was not able to diagnose me for 3 years. Loss appetite and lost a lot of weight and anemia.

  After treatment: I come to see Dr. Eve and she was able to tell me I had a nerve problem. My digestive system was not working properly, length of the pain brought my mood down, I was not very happy. I received acupuncture, massage, herbal midicines. Since the treatment I feel better than I have ever felt before, I feel no pains, my digestive system has gotten better. I can finally sleep at night and feel happier and more energetic than before. Thank you Dr. Eve. (age 21, 11/4/2018).


·        Before treatment: Frozen shoulder with pain from shoulder to hand (left side), pain very sharp-unable to simple everyday tasks e.g. brushing my hair, picking up an empty cup. This had a knock-on effect over my general physical and psychological wellbeing. After treatment: 90% movement of shoulder and arm including my hand- overall physical and psychological wellbeing has been lifted, generally making me feel much, much better. Treatment is still on-going- and in addition I have learnt a lot “my physical and psychological working mechanism”. I would always seek out treatment from Eden Herbs as my initial point. Thank you. (A119 age 56, 10/04/2018).


·        Before treatment: Poor skin pain and stiffness in legs, very tired, poor sleep pattern. 

 After treatment: Within 10 days of taken medication given by Dr. Eve, amazing improvement of pain in legs, sleeping much better, improve energy level.(Fiona age 56, 9/04/2018).




·        Before treatment: Large chronic anal fissure with bleeding. Very weak, Irritable bowels, bloating, wind, pain.

After treatment: In just a few weeks the hospital had said my fissure was healed after it had been torn for 9 months and botox did not work or medication. I had acupuncture, massage and herbs at Eden Herbs for a few weeks and it healed my fissure. My IBS settled. No more bloating or pain. No more bleeding. I felt stronger, healthier and great. Thank you very much to Eve and the team(M236, age 41, 4/12/2017)


·        Arthritis in right knee, and problems with left knee also. I had pain making it difficult to walk, go up or down stairs, getting into the car. I could not sit down on low chairs and then had difficulty getting up off the chair. Pain affected my sleep too.  The swelling reduced noticeably, the pain decreased significantly after the first session. I was walking better and was able to go up and down stairs and my posture became much better. I was more comfortable at night and able to sleep better too. Eve and her team genuinely care and listen. I feel very supported and looked after at each visit. I can recommend them highly. I just so relieved I started this treatment. Thank you. (S226, age 59, 10/12/2016)


·        I had hot flushes for over 15 years which were out of control---one after the other, day and night. Unbearable. Sleeping was hard and concentration low..After treatment; It’s now very rare that I have a hot flush, and never during the day. If I have one, it passes quickly. The treatment was quite intense at first, involving my diet as well as herbal pills and weekly acupuncture and massage. A side effect was that I also lost 1and ½ stones in weight..Now I feel balanced and back in control. I sleep better, eat better and have a lot more energy for life. Thank you: Dr. Eve.(age 65, K82, 20/10/2016)

·        I had been to Eden Herbs Clinic a few years back for alopecia which the team managed to fix. So I thought it was worth speaking to them for fertility issues. When I arrived Dr. Eve was so kind and told me I was stressed. I began taking all of the medication she prescribed and after only 3 reflexology and acupuncture sessions, I found out I was pregnant. It is worth nothing that I was not taking clomifene, not measuring my temperature nor ovulation and I had not yet started IVF treatment. I can honestly say that Dr. Eve is a miracle worker. I would highly recommend her to anyone trying to conceive who is struggling.  (age 34, 16/9/2016).


·        Problem: lose weight. After treatment, I have lost so much fluid and I fell fabulous, super treatment and very good advice: Lost 3.5’’from my waist, Lost 2.5’’ from my thighs, Lost 3.0’’ from my hips during one week(Michelle, age 42, 22/3/2016).


·        I had bowel cancer, then went through many chemo. I ended up with a very severe case of neuropathy in my hands and feet to the point that I couldn’t do my buttons up on a shirt, do my shoe laces up, couldn’t hold anything in my hands. I also couldn’t feet my feet when walking. I had to giving up walk for three months. After starting my recovery from neuropathy with Dr. Shen, I noticed a vast improvement in my feet, but most of all is my hands. After 3 months I then went back to work with enough feeling and confidence to do my job (hairdresser). Now 8 months I have had nearly all my feelings in my hands and feet. A big thank you to an amazing acupuncture. (B220, age 56, 1/9/2015)


·        Excruciating pain on the right hand side of my face. Diagnosed to have neuralgia by my doctor. The pain is so bad that it is known as the “suicide pain”. Tablets prescribed by my doctor did little to help!! I have now had a course of 12 treatments (acupuncture and head massage). I no longer need to take any tablets and the pain has now gone! Thank you!! I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is diagnosed with neuralgia as I have never experienced such horrible pain before!! (H213, age 60, 2/7/2015).


·        I could hardly walk. My muscles were sore, tight. I had trapped nerve, I was bloated and sore. The acupuncture and massage was first I ever had. I came to Eden Herbs Clinic on Monday for the first treatment and by time I came back on Friday for 2nd treatment I much better and I had lost 4 pounds. I am very happy with my treatment. (R103, age 57, 22/5/2015).

·        I could not walk, right knee would not bend, extremely painful. I went to A&E had X-ray and blood tests, found no reasons for pain, sent me homes with naproxen anti-inflammatory tablets (didn’t work). I came to see Eve(recommended by wife). 1st treatment came in cripple walked only with virtually no pain, had two further treatments now virtually pain free. Now pain free and advises how to keep my leg/knee good condition for future.(M203B, age 56, 29/4/2015).


·        Being sluggish, constantly tired, overweight and unhappy. Treatment used: acupuncture, herbal meds and tea, change of diet, reduced wheat and dairy products etc. After treatments: lost 3 kgs with 5 weeks! I feel so much better, have more energy. I feel happier and can think and react faster. Feel fresh in the morning and have more energy to carry out tasks. If I did some exercise I think I would lose more weight! It is amazing how this treatment has transform me and my life! I didn’t like the needles at first but Dr. Eve and her staff have been very gentle with me and so I couldn’t feel any pain. I’m quite sensitive to touch but felt absolutely fine during the treatment. I’m very happy with the combined treatment and can see the improvement every week. I would definitely recommend this treatment!


·        Before the treatment: I am lack of energy level, tiredness, very stressed, tension, headaches, migraines, sleeping problems, IBS, back pain, knee pain, bad blood circulation and easily bruised, allergies, irregular heart beat. After three months of treatments, I am feeling excellent! Energy level is high, less tired, stress and tension gone down, more relaxed, sleeping well again. Headache and migraine gone! IBS better so is the digestive system(can enjoy food again)! Back pain, knee ache gone. Blood circulation much better (no more cold feet or hands)- bruise gone. Irregular heart beat improved. Still working on allergies and another small problem. Thanks to Dr. Eve, David and lovely Eden Clinic team. I am being a new healthy person again!


·        I had severe pains in neck, shoulders and upper back, difficult to reach up or bend forward without hurting. G.P. diagnosed arthritis in shoulders. The treatment was to twice strong painkillers which did not work and made me feel unwell. I could not lift or carry anything slightly heavy. After my first session of acupuncture the relief was fantastic. I also had hot cupping and massage which relaxed me so much the pain seemed to disappear. I had a total of six sessions and can’t believe how much better I feel. I am now able to do most everyday chores without pain. I would recommend this type of treatment to anyone who is in pain, as this method, to me, is far better than constantly taking painkillers which only mask the pain, as the pain is still there when tablets wear off. There is nothing to fear with acupuncture, it is painless and it does work for those who are willing to give is a try, and I am definitely glad I did. Thanks to Eden Herbs.


·        I was under so much pressure at work (self employed and feeling major financial strain. Always feeling tense and emotional. I had one failed attempt at IVF and feeling generally extremely inadequate. I have an overall good sense of humor, but feel as though life is handing me a tough deal. I am also carrying around extreme health anxiety due to a friend’s cancer diagnosed approx. 4 years ago. My husband recommended acupuncture after reading it in an article in grazia magazine which was by a lady who was having trouble getting pregnant. I have had so far two sessions of acupuncture, reflexology, cupping and massage. I can honestly say that after the first session, felt as though I had been reborn. I feel understood as though I can move forward with my life and not carry around the past. I am able, even now at this early stage of the treatment to cope better under pressure.  I am starting to love me again.


·        I have been struggling to lose weight for a while now. So I was recommended to have full massage done. I did not think it would work but after a few sessions I noticed the change: my thighs reduced, my arms reduced, my upper back felt like it had shrunk due to bra’s fitting me again. I would have continued the treatment if I had a job, however with the several sessions I have had, I feel it is worth the treatments.


·        Weight loss: steady weight loss of 11 lbs over a few weeks by following plan provided. Totally changed the way I ate and made me more energy. Delighted with the results and advice.


·        Before come to Eden Herbs Clinic, I am being sluggish, constantly tired, over weight and unhappy. I have treatments of acupuncture, herbal meds and teas, change of diet: reduced wheat and dairy products, more protein, nuts etc. Lost nearly 3 kgs within 5 weeks, I fell so much better and have more energy. I fell happier and can think and react faster. Fell fresh in the morning and have more energy to carry out tasks. If I did some exercise I think I would probably lose more weight! It is amazing how this treatment has transformed me and my life! I didn’t like the needles at first, but Dr. Eve and her staff have been very gentle with me and so I couldn’t feel any pain. I am quite sensitive to touch but felt absolutely fine during the treatment. I am happy with the combined treatment and can see the improvement every week. I would definitely recommend this treatment!



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·        Before treatment: Fertility Issues—Struggle to conceive,

After treatment: My husband and I had been trying for a baby for 1 year and 10 months before I came to start acupuncture. In that time we had suffered a missed miscarriage which we discovered at our 12 week scan, we were devastated. I started coming to see Eve 10 months after this as we were not getting pregnant again. After around 4-5 months of having regular acupuncture every other week I found out I was pregnant and I am now 20 weeks along with a healthy baby. I think acupuncture has really helped to relax me and get my body stronger. So I am continuing to come all through my pregnancy. Thanks to Dr. Eve and everyone at Eden Herbs for helping me on my journey. (S247, age 32, 27/4/2019)


·        Before treatment: 2nd pregnancy ended at 6 weeks with miscarriage on 7/8/2018. Struggled to get pregnant with 1st baby for years. Saw Dr. Eve for acupuncture and Chinese herbal medication, was pregnant naturally after just 1 month! I have a beautiful 7 year old girl now.

 After treatment: Saw Dr. Eve on 18/8/19(11 days after miscarriage) had acupuncture and began taking Chinese medication. I found out I was pregnant again and I conceived my baby 1 day after seeing Dr. Eve! She worked her miracles on me once again! I am writing this at 38+6 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child (3rd pregnant) a baby boy who will be born in 4 days time! C-Section booked for 7/5/2019.

Dr. Eve has helped me conceive both my full term babies, I am forever grateful for this and will continue to recommend her help to anyone who struggles. (Rachel age 35, 3/5/2019)


·        Before treatment: Infertility-Been trying to conceive for 3 and half years. Come to Dr. Eve after 2 failed IVF treatments and I felt failed by western doctors and western medicine, I wanted help to conceive naturally, but western doctors keep pushing IVF as the only solution.

When I arrived at Eden Clinic it was just after my second failed IVF and I felt so low. Dr. Eve treated me regularly for acupuncture, massage and reflexology. However she did more than that, she supported me emotionally through tough months and many tears. She taught me to understand my monthly cycle and prescribed me herbal teas to drink daily. After 6 months of treatment, and after 3 and half years of trying I conceived naturally. Dr. Eve has done more for me than any western based clinic. Unfortunately I miscarried but I know my body is now on the right path.(H231, age 40, 26/4/2018)


·        Before treatment: Pains in the ovaries, endometriosis, painful period with big blood clots, unable to get pregnant. 

 After treatment: No pains during the period and all the time generally less blood clots, Now 13 weeks pregnancy. (G130 age 29, 9/03/2018).


·        Before treatment: Infertility. After several cancelled and failed IVF attempts I was getting very stressed. I came for acupuncture in the weeks before and on the day of my embryo transfer.

 After treatment: I felt more relaxed and I am now 20 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby. Thanks so much to Eve, David and all the staffs. (B242, age 36, 13/1/2018)


·        Baby overdue by 4 days. Come to acupuncture and reflexology to help induce labor. The treatment was very relaxing and only 8 hours later I had my “show” and regular contractions started 22 hours later. Labor lasted 12 hours, was stress free and we had a very relaxed and healthy baby boy. Would highly recommend Eden Herbs! (B237, age 33, 21.11.2016)


·        Problems: Overdue with baby by 11 days, was having contraction, but labor would not start properly.

        After acupuncture treatment labor stated within 18 hours (age 32, 19/3/2016).


·        Problems: One ovary. Tried for a long time -- over 24 months without success. Following acupuncture and herbal medication, we proceeded for IVF treatment and achieved a positive result in the first instance. Shocking most of our consultants and nurses, we feel extremely lucky and grateful to doctor Eve and her amazing herbal medication and skills that helped as with the achievement. We would certainly recommend Dr. Eve and her medication as assistance towards help with IVF or normal pregnancy. (C203, age 40, 22/2/2016)


·        Problems conceiving over 3 years, low sperm count, low sperm mobility, high abnormal sperm count. Doctor told us we would not be able to have a baby. After 3 months of Eve and David’s care: acupuncture, massage and herbal remedies, the sperm count was normal and we were accepted on IVF. Through doing IVF (6 months later) we have active healthy sperm that has fully fertilized our eggs. This was only possible after the treatment we received here at Eden Herbs. A miracle for us. Thank you so much! (Mc44A, age 32, 1/12/2015).

·        My FSH levels were very high of 159 and estrogen levels were very low. Doctors said I was perimenopausal and would never get a period again. My periods were absent for 10 months. I had various treatments namely acupuncture, reflexology and body massages for less than 3 months with a combination of herbal teas. I am grateful and happy that after just 3 months I have had my first period. I thank everyone at Eden Herbs for their love, support and comfort and I am eternally grateful to Eve for her emotional support and wish you all the best for the future.(A107, age 33, 29/4/2015).

·        8 days past due date and wanted to avoid being induced. I came for acupuncture and reflexology on the Saturday and my contractions started Sunday morning. Healthy baby girl without being induced! (Rachel, age 36, 26/3/2015)

·        I just wanted to let you know that I got pregnant shortly after my last visit & had a little boy last month. His name is Sam & here’s a photo of him with my other miracle, Ben. I’m so happy that I finally have the complete family I hoped for after my previous battles. Thank you for your care that helped to make this possible. (P80, age 38, 21.3.2015)

·        Very painful back (scoliosis). After having a miscarriage in May last year I have been struggling to get pregnant. Within 2 months of treatments I am pregnant and over the moon. I haven’t had a pain killer since my first session of my back. I feel fantastic and can’t thank Dr. Eve enough. (S209, age 35, 21/3/2015)

·        Miscarriages. I became pregnant soon after the first couple of sessions and then continued to go for acupuncture and massage every 2-3 weeks. I think this helped reduce my anxieties through my pregnancy to progress well. I now recommend Dr. Eve to my friends. We now have beautiful baby Aurelia Iris and couldn’t be happier. (W123 age 33, 20/3/2015)

·        I was overdue my second child and after having a traumatic first pregnancy and birth, didn’t want to go through this again. I came in four days before I was due to be induced. I had acupuncture on the Tuesday, I went into natural labor Friday morning. This treatment helped me let my body naturally go into labor and I had the most amazing birth. I had my gorgeous little boy Malakai naturally with no pain relief and the whole experience happened in just 2 hours! Thank you so much for helping me.(Catherine age 33, 28/6/2014)

·        After seeing Dr. Eve and fantastic staff at Eden Herbs, I am now pregnant after 2 years of trying. Following acupuncture treatments and course of herbal tablets I felt more relaxed and happily became pregnant after 3 months. I cannot thank the staff at Eden Herbs enough for their help!(T97 age 34, 11/4/2014).

·        Brilliant results after 3 and half month treatments of acupuncture, massage and reflexology. Now 6 and half weeks pregnant, I feel calm, glowing. Fantastic results after 3 months. (L105, age 36, 4/4/2014).

·        Heavy painful period: Chinese herbs and acupuncture meant that the first period after regular treatment was vastly improved. No pain and no troubles. This was a major success and continues.( N39, age 41, 3/4/2014).

·        I just want to thank you all for helping me get through my IVF treatment. You will all be please to know that I have been blessed with a baby. There’s no doubt that my acupuncture helped and want to thank you all again for your help and kindness. (20/5/2013)

·        I visited Eden herbs after suffering 2 miscarriages and after my 3rd miscarriage, I was down and upset. I have also had problems with sciatica. Dr. Eve and team have been fantastic! I have visited her numerous times over a 3 years period and always felt better then when I arrived! I found it very relaxing, always much better. The sciatica massage was tough but seemed to really do the trick. Dr. Eve helped me in the preparation for my latest pregnancy. I have recently given birth to a fantastic special baby boy! Thank you Dr. Eve and team for all you treatments and especially your care, kind words, understanding during a very difficult time in my life. (P80, age 35, 16/4/2013)

·        I had acupuncture to help my body prepare for IVF treatment. I had had 2 cycles of IVF which were unsuccessful, but with the help of acupuncture my 3rd cycle of IVF was successful and I became pregnant with twins. (F26, age 40, 2/4/2013)

·        Complaint before treatment: Endomentnosis, painful periods, irregular cycle(24 – 49 days). I had cupping, reflexology and body massage as well as acupuncture, I felt calmer and more relaxed, discomfort in body improved as I had further treatment periods become less painful and over two years went from 49 days down to 29 days. I am now pregnant with first baby very pleased.

·        Complaint before treatment: 2 miscarriages in early pregnancy. After treatment, I am now in my 39th week of pregnancy and have had very few problems. People can’t believe I have carried so well with no sickness, water retention nor many other slight problems associated with pregnancy.

·        Complaint before treatment: Endometriosis, unexplained infertility, did not use any contraception for 5 years. I had acupuncture treatment on 2 occasions over 2 months accompanied by “stasis free” tablets. I am now 8 and half months pregnant with a baby girl due to 29/2/2012, a leap year baby. I can’t thank you enough, you have made my dreams came true.

·        I was not producing eggs and had fertility treatment for nearly 5 years. Also had surgical procedures and was finally told that I would not be able to conceive. After acupuncture and cupping at Eden Clinic, I felt more relaxed and not as anxious. Dr. Eve Shen also told me to follow a new diet and within a couple of months I found out I was pregnant. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who is struggling to conceive.

·        I was suffering from PCOS and infertility. After just 3 months treatment of acupuncture at Eden Clinic, my periods had become regular and after 5 months, I am pregnant! Prior to this no period for 12 months. Excellent results!

·        I was suffering from depression, tiredness, irregular periods, infertility (PCOS). I felt much happier in myself and have more energy after Dr. Eve’s wonderful help, advice and encouragement. I have lost some weight. I attend monthly and have recently started having regular periods. My husband has started acupuncture with me now and we are working on our infertility.


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·        I have lots of lines, particularly around lip line and eye area, generally skin tired looking.

After treatment, lines are visibly reduced and my skin has much more ‘plumpness’, a very good result and I am happy with the treatment I received from Dr. Eve, she so lovely and knowledgeable.


·        I was suffering from congested skin, open pores and pigmentation. Much improved texture and pigmentation of skin after therapy, but treated to allow whole body to be in better balance. Periods now much less painful and easier with less premenstrual tension. Also noted less fatigue and muscular aches. This has all lead to much better skin.


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